S'hug®is a cardigan wrap with tube sleeves™

Cardigan          +            Scarf           =                  S'hug

Tube Sleeve™



Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 5.39.59 PM.png

Slide both arms in

through the Tube Sleeves.



Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 5.39.54 PM.png

Hold one corner and

wrap around your neck



Slide only one arm in

through the Tube Sleeves.

Grab the other side and wrap around

how to shug.jpg
The Magic of S'hug

What makes S’hug® so special?

Is it a whimsical marriage of clever design and lush fabric?

And what is S’hug® exactly?


S’hug® is a soothing celebration of warmth and style. It is an innovative combination of 3 fashion staples that are found in the closets and dressers of working women everywhere: a cardigan, a wrap and a scarf.


How does one combine all 3 different items into one ensemble and call it S’hug®?



S’hug® started as a wrap with one unique difference—integrated TubeSleeves™. These tubular sleeves allow the wrap to transform into a cardigan which a woman can snuggly envelop herself while leaving her hands free. When she is ready to slip out of the cardigan but still wants the comfort of a soft layer, she can simply fold the S’hug® into a stylish scarf.



Why would a woman need a S’hug®?



For many years, women have reached for their wraps, shawls, cardigans and wraps to keep them warm and comfortable in cool environments. For women on the go, however, these accessories can sometimes be a hindrance. Wraps and scarves can be susceptible to slipping and would need to be held by hand or clipped with pins to the outfit. Furthermore, the fixed sleeves of a cardigan make it a single purpose item that cannot be used as a scarf or wrap. With the creation of the S’hug®, a woman can now enjoy the functionalities of a cardigan, a wrap and a scarf all in one!


Even better, S’hug® comes in various fabrics, patterns and colors, giving women the joy and freedom of creating the stylish look she desires. Whether it’s using S’hug® as a cardigan at the office or a scarf on a plane ride or using it as a wrap while simply snuggling with her children on the sofa, S’hug® embraces those everyday and special moments in a woman’s life.



When you need a little hug, reach for a S’hug®!