Introducing S'HUG Utility Patent and Copyright
Cozy dressing is more important now than ever. Super-soft cashmere sets and comforting blankets play into minimalistic stayhomestyle. In these uncertain times, customers are looking for essentials that retain long-term value. We are introducing one of the most innovative fashion inventions: S'HUG.
  • Multiple ways to style​

  • One size fits all​

  • Covers wide range of age groups​

  • Wear all year around​

  • Available in any quality for any price range​

  • A perfect gift idea.

Why Add S'HUG MARK in Your Brand?

You can​
  • Add a unique versatile wrap in your brand merchandising plan​

  • Add patented and copyrighted S'HUG that none of your competitors will have​

  • Present your valuable customers with the experience of a hug. ​

The Home Sanctuary: Post-Pandemic Fashion Market ​
(Cashmere market size: 2.66 billion)

  • Care for loved ones with online gift purchasing​

  • Stylish and cozy outfit to reflect the new reality​

  • Increase in emotional aspect of your brand​

  • Consumers seek out brands that reflect the care and concern they have felt through this period.​

  • Statement accessories to create a relaxed and stylish above-the-waist dressing

Win Your Customers' Hearts by Adding S'HUG MARK  in Your Brand

  • Classic S'hug

  • Double-side Printed S'hug

  • Steal-My-Heart S'hug

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S’hug® is a registered trademark for a cardigan wrap with tube sleeves™. The unique seamless tubular sleeve knitting technology is utility patented as U.S. Patent No. 10,117,471 & 16/034,936.