Smart Dressing Regardless of Your Age

Often, many women, including me, experience dilemma of what to wear in the morning when the temperature fluctuates throughout the day. When you wake up in the morning, you feel instant chill. While you shower and dress up for work, you are sweating. When you walk out the door, you have nice breeze. When you take the train, however, it's freezing from air conditions. During the walk from the train station to work, the sun already hit up the city quite a bit and you are hot again. Then how is the office temperature? Isn't it too cold? I might be only talking about one hour in the morning, but how about the entire day or months or years?

Because of this reason, many women keep cardigans and similar items in their everyday bags. I don't know how many times I've seen women wrapping their cardigans around their necks, and especially at airports traveling. It's just so obvious the things that they have around the necks are not scarves. It just doesn't look smart in a fashion world.

What if we have a perfect solution for those who experience what we all experience? What if it is the most stylish item ever?

Our 100% cashmere S'hug® is an essential item for all women. S'hug® is not just an ordinary accessory wrap. It is a cardigan! Our seasonless cashmere S'hug® is the perfect item to wrap around you on cold days as a scarf and it's ideal for traveling (especially in the airplane). You can style S'hug® in multiple ways: as a shawl, a scarf, a sweater cardigan, a shrug, a wrap skirt, a vest or a blanket. Once you experience S'hug®, you will know why S'hug® is the ultimate everyday item that you love.